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Announcements 2020

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General Information's

Students of Daily Doctoral Studies on the Civil Engineering Department of the Silesian University of Technology are pleased to invite PhD Students and their Guardians to participate in the XX Conference of the Scientific Conference for Civil Engineering PhD Students.

The conference will take place on 7-8th May 2020 r.

The purpose of conference is:

  • presentation the results of theoretical and experimental studies obtained during work on PhD thesis,
  • familiarization with the subject of research undertaken by PhD students in various scientific centers, research and exchange of experiences to know each other,
  • discussion with Professors – perhaps future PhD dissertation Reviewers.

The purpose of the Conference is the presentation of PhD student’s own considerations, thus the Author of the paper can be only one person - PhD student.

The official languages of the conference are Polish and English. Authors of the best presentations/ articles will be awarded, among others, the prize of Professor Włodzimierz Burzyński.

We hope that the Conference will be attended not only by the PhD Students, but also by the Professors which are taking care of the scientific development of PhD Students.

Location of the Conference: Beskidy